Delivery & Returns


Is there anything wrong with the rug you have bought? If yes, it is possible to return your money, initiating a simple refund procedure.

Write us an email with your intentions and the funds you have spent on the item will be returned in 14 days. Be aware that postage costs are covered by the client. The approximate price for a rug of average size is up to £10.

Be sure that the furnishing is well packaged before sending it. Damage, usage marks or dirt could eliminate the possibility of refund.

Write your order number or name on the outer side of the package so that we could identify your order.

Our address is:

Also, you need to know that:
  • There is no refund for custom-designed furnishings
  • Additional delivery costs are not refunded
Exchange after purchase

Want to make some exchange? Just follow the typical procedure of refund above. When you receive the money, you can just order another item from our catalogue.

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