Arcylic Rugs

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Live Brightly with Acrylic Rugs!

Acrylic furnishing is usually used in rooms with comparably low foot traffic, for example, in living rooms and bedrooms. It is not recommended to put it down in passages and stairways because of its high rigidity.

Here are the main reasons to buy acrylic rugs:

  • They have very soft structure
  • They are harmless to your health
  • They comply with all ecological standards

Such textile is distinguished by its bright and rich colour; it also resembles the virgin wool, being almost as heat conducting as the latter is.

Acrylic rugs features

These accessories are made of acrylic fibre that is characterized by its very soft and pleasant by touch structure. This fibre is a synthetic material, which neither rots nor fades. Additionally, it is saturated with a special composition that improves water repellency and strengthens the thread. It allows the textile to endure significant variations in temperature and prolongs its lifespan without deformation.

Acrylic rugs are anallergic, so they do no harm to allergic individuals as opposed to cheap synthetic or woolen textile.

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