Afghan Rugs

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Handmade Rugs from Afghanistan: Complicated Patterns, Nice Functionality

Connoisseurs has always considered handmade Afghan rugs as products of the highest tier.

Such textile serves several functions at once:

  • It is a perfect status marker, thus many owners enjoy this significant property
  • Afghan handmade rugs add a nice touch of antiquity, or, perhaps, the feeling of “good old days”
  • This quality floor covering is notable for its versatility and can match with many different variations of home interior

These and other characteristic features have led to a great popularity of Afghan rugs in the UK. Of course, there is some evident influence from the popularization of oriental interiors in general. Nevertheless, such beautiful accessories stand out against a background of lower-tier oriental rugs.

The combination of great quality and unique beauty

Geometric or floristic ornamental patterns of rugs from Afghanistan are pure and simple solutions when it comes to an interior that follows the style of English classicism. That being said, it can also create the delightful atmosphere in rooms that are furnished in ethnic or modern styles.

We encourage you to place your first order in our store, where you can find the classiest Afghan rugs online.

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