Aubusson, Needlepoint Rugs

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Stop Hesitating and Find the Finest Needlepoint & Aubusson Rugs for sale in the UK!

The needlepoint technique became popular in 18-century Europe as an alternative to hand knotting. Needlepoint rugs are quite similar to French Aubusson textile, so it is a usual thing that people confuse these two types of furnishing.

A needlepoint product of fine quality typically does not have any cloth on the backside. Artisans make such rugs applying the same technique that is used with pillows and chair covers.

An Aubusson weave rug usually is an accessory with no pile. The fibre density is relatively high, and the patterns often coincide with needlepoint rugs.

How to tell one from the other

Even though it is difficult to find differences between these types of textile, there are some distinctions that are obvious upon closer inspection. For example, an Aubusson rug is woven, thus it has no stitches, while a needlepoint one is made of wool that is stitched onto a canvas.

Marqis offers you the best Aubusson and needlepoint rugs for sale. The online catalogue presents various:

  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Patterns

Therefore, you can look through it and choose the rug that fits for your interior just perfectly.

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