Bamboo Silk Rugs

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Bamboo Silk Rugs Bring You Softness

If you’ve happened to walk on a bamboo silk rug, then you probably know how unforgettable this feeling is. This textile is softer than cotton, so you feel that your feet are touching the delicate cashmere.

Bamboo silk is a kind of natural fibre, which is produced manually from bamboo. It undergoes the special manufacturing process, after which the fibre gains some colour: bronze, soot black, golden, matte silver, etc. The outcome is a product with distinctive slight flicker and noble shine.

These rugs usually have pile of medium height, which is characterized by great tactile and practical features.

Merits of bamboo silk rugs

Here are the main features of such textile:

  • Antistatic
  • Durable
  • Anallergic
  • Soft and delicate by touch
  • Iridescent

It is recommended to keep such rugs dry all the time. If you spill some liquid on it, blot it with a napkin. Do not rub the moisture into textile!

The wide assortment of rugs in Marqis online store allow you to find the furnishing that would complete and decorate your interior perfectly.

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