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Guy Laroche Brand Rugs & Carpets: French Elegance

Have you ever heard about brand clothes? Of course, you have! And what do you know about brand clothes for your house? Carpet by Guy Laroche means for your home the same as Chanel little black dress means for you. So why hesitate and not buy such a handsome thing for your “castle”?

The carpets are created by world-known French brand established by French designer Guy Laroche. We don`t promise that an Eiffel Tower will grow in your bedroom, or your hall will immediately become the Montmartre. However, hand-woven wool Guy Laroche rugs will literally cover your floor with soft French charm, making your house a special place.

Where can I put my Guy Laroche carpet?

Guy Laroche rugs and carpets are suitable for every room:

  • Living room
  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • Hall/lobby.

The Guy Laroche carpets are available in three colours: amethyst, red and charcoal.

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