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Remember the Glorious Times with Chinese Rugs

Everything is made in China, and rugs are no exceptions. Is it good? Well… definitely! The history of Chinese rugs manufacturing amounts to thousands of years: science suggests us that the first Chinese rug was made more than 2500 years ago. It allows us to say that China is one of the first countries that have been started to produce rugs.

Millenniums-old tradition and artisanship

When skillful Chinese artisans learned how to make rugs, they started to transmit their knowledge and skills. Thus, we can enjoy the characteristic features of Chinese rugs even nowadays.

A traditional rug of the Celestial Empire usually has such colours as dark-blue, white, light-blue, brown, and yellow. Ornamental patterns often include Chinese characters, lotus flowers, swords, dragons, bats, etc.

A good choice for various interior designs

As of today, you can find almost any design among Chinese rugs: it could be either classical Oriental one or some stylish contemporary textile, because Chinese manufacturers tend to imitate the existing rugs in various colours.

If you need to find some classy Chinese rugs in the UK for sale, you already know the place. Select an item in our online catalogue and make your interior truly majestic!

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