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Cotton Rugs That Make You Remember

Woven cotton rugs are the perfect way to make your home interior more stylish and thoughtful. This range of products will certainly brighten its ambience and look.

Natural fibre

Brought right from the cotton plant, the material is notable for its softness and strength. Here are some more benefits:

  • Cotton rugs show decent absorbability when it comes to dyeing. It allows many colour and pattern options.
  • This fabric proves to be a good backing material. It keeps the rug’s shape and allows it to lie flat against the floor.
  • Such floor covering is usually easy to clean, ecologic, and can be machine-washed.

Cotton rag rugs attract dust easily though. That is why it is best to use them in the rooms where the foot traffic is comparably low.

Great combination

Cotton woven rugs often feature optimised durability and comfort.

First, it means that this furnishing withstands almost everything that your home and family could throw, no matter what: pets, kids, or occasional cup of coffee.

Second, you can just enjoy the relaxation time, recumbent on the rug.

Look through the best cotton rugs in the UK, using our catalogue!

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