Egyptian Rugs

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Egyptian Rugs: Beautiful Rugs With the History

Which associations occur to you when you hear about Egypt? Camels, desert, pyramids, pharaohs, rugs… Never heard about Egyptian rugs? That`s a shame, because they are just beautiful and they have not only pretty patterns, but also a very long history.

The Arabic countries are well-known of their wonderful carpets and rugs, and most of them are hand-woven. Rugs in Egypt have been woven by hands too. If you want to ask, weather you can buy a hand-woven Egyptian rug online at Marqis TM, the answer is “of course!” We offer a huge variety of Egyptian hand-woven rugs with ethnic, classical and modern patterns, big rugs and smaller area rugs. All shapes are available.

Where I can put this awesome Egyptian rug?

There are many places where you can put an Egyptian rug. In the bedroom the rug will make your nights and days more cheerful; if you put in in the living room it will enchant your guests with its authentic beauty, and in your study or office an Egyptian rug will accompany you with the oriental vibes. Anywhere you put it you will feel yourself like a pharaoh with an Egyptian rug around.

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