Floral & Still Life Tapestries

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Bring More Spring to Your Room with Floral & Still Life Tapestries

If you successfully match a floral tapestry with your interior, the result could be truly amazing. No matter how it has been done, by hands or on weaving machinery, it can become an effective and wonderful complement to some room.

Brighten your home with a floral wall tapestry

Relaxation and calm mood require some special atmosphere to be created. One way to fill a room with such ambience is to hang a nice flower tapestry. Simple, yet beautiful picture with forget-me-nots, poppies, lilies, or other flowers would become the special appeal of your interior.

Of course, the proper selection depends on the style of your interior. For instance, when you decorate your living room, you can use several floral tapestries: the range of colours would create an ensemble with other parts of interior.

There are many variations of tapestry hanging, but one of the best options is to set it on light-coloured walls. Thus, the picture will draw maximum attention.

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