Free Form Rugs

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Be Original with Free Form Rugs

Unusual-shaped rugs offer a great way to attract the attention. They are also capable of being the central element in your interior design, thus “tying” everything together.

These accessories often can be found in:

  • Office facilities
  • Houses
  • Other premises with unusual architectural structure

Such textile represents the original approach to home décor. There is a lot of unconventional shapes, colour, and designer solutions.

Irregular shaped rugs as an important part of interior design

Modern carpet weaving technologies make it possible to produce the rugs in accordance with individual design projects, recreating any pictures and patterns on the surface.

Furniture arrangement or room’s shape might prevent you from purchasing rectangular or round area rugs. Accessories of unusual shape become suitable and economically sound solutions. They can cover the area you need, skirting the pieces of furniture.

Marqis offers you a wide assortment of classy rugs of different shape, colour, and type. Place an order right now!

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