German Rugs

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Bring Some Ordnung to Your Home with German Rugs

There is one sure thing you need to do if you want to decorate your room in a German style: you should definitely buy a rug from this incredible country.

German style interior includes:

  • Quiet range of colours: these are usually warm shades of white and light-brown as primary colours; dark-brown, pale yellow, light-grey, and green as complementary colours
  • Smooth straight lines, strict shapes, and purposefulness
  • Light background, limited amount of furniture, big windows
  • Plain and practical European elegancy: tender and austere at once due to floral motifs and light colour palette

People who prefer cosiness, simplicity, and order will surely love comfortable and ingenuous German style. Such interior implies that you will have the combination of comfort and unpretentiousness. Your room would look slightly austere and cosy at the same time.

Wide selection of quality German rugs

If you feel eager to arrange your interior in German style, you should definitely check out the online catalogue of quality German rugs above. Marqis provides you with a wide choice of models that will perfectly complement your room. We have rugs of different colour, size, material, and pattern. Find yourself a favourite!

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