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Handloom Rugs: a Bow to the Remote and Glorious Past

The rugs made on handlooms often are real masterpieces, because each one has its own design and peculiarities. The latter depend on materials, handicraft, or even country.

Ancient technique, extant authenticity

The hand-weaving technique is a centuries-old way of rugs production, which has been passed on from one generation to another. Hand-woven rugs require sleight of hand, scrupulousness, and lots of patience.

The quality of handmade rugs is determined by the choice of good raw material, knitting density and finesse. Such rugs are often made with help of horizontal weaver’s looms. Thanks to numerous weaving techniques, the opportunities of rugs productions are close to limitless.

Pros and cons of handloom rugs

The advantages of handmade rugs are considered to be the following: top quality, natural materials (as a rule), wide choice (what regards colour and design), price rising with time.

Of course, there are some shortcomings, at least to a considerable amount of people. These are expensiveness, standard sizes, and liability to mould, carpet-moths.

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