Hand Woven Rugs

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Explore the World of the Classiest Hand-Woven Rugs in the UK!

Hand-woven rugs often are true masterpieces of our time. Not only are they notable for consummate quality, but also can gladden the owner’s eyes for a really long time. Some people keep such accessory as an heirloom.

At the very beginning, these rugs were made on a big wooden frame. Now, this process has become more mechanized, not to mention about modern hi-tech factories. Nevertheless, hand-woven rugs, made manually on weaver’s looms, are much more valuable.

Our online store offers you various models of handmade rugs of different:

  • Origin
  • Shape
  • Pattern
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Material

Be sure to check our online catalogue!

High-skilled artisanship

The speed of braiding depends on the fineness of material and pattern complexity. A competent weaver spends about a few seconds on every single knot. This work requires good capacity and fitness of hands, as well as their coordination.

Authentic hand-woven rugs are still considered as luxurious furnishing. Thus, you can easily add a zest to your interior, completing it with a classy textile.

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