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Rugs Made for People by People

It is hardly a secret that hand-made rugs have higher value than machine-woven textile. Of course, there is a reason for such distinction to exist. It usually takes a lot of skill and experience to create a decent rug by hand. That is why hand knotting is considered an exquisite handicraft, which provides us with top quality production at somewhat higher price.

Here, at Marqis online store, we invite you to scroll down the catalogue of classy models. You can filter the list by:

  • Price
  • Colour
  • Purpose
  • Collection
  • Style
  • Shape

We hope it will help you find the best handmade furnishing for your home!

How to distinguish handmade rugs

There are some features that allow you to identify handmade textile.

If coloured knots on the rug’s backside are slightly uneven (for example, they differ in thickness), the product is most likely handmade. You can observe the unevenness of the front side as well ― the design seldom has the exact shape and size at both ends of the covering.

Be sure to check a rug for a cloth tag that specifies the producer country. There should be a «made in…» inscription, which is a sign that the rug is made by hand.

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