Holland Rugs

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Holland, Rugs, and Stylish Interiors: Find the Connection!

Thinking about Holland, most people will probably reminiscence windmills, tulips, and cows. True connoisseurs of fine interiors do associate Holland with very beautiful branded rugs as well.

Since the delivery of first oriental carpets long time ago, Holland has developed a decent tradition of rugs making. Of course, it concerns home decor, too. If you have an opportunity, you can look over the canvases of numerous Dutch artists. Undoubtedly, you will see some fine rugs fairly often.

Great collection of Dutch rugs

Speaking about modern times, there are more than 20 different companies and design studios in Holland, which are manufacturing classy Dutch rugs. Some products take prizes at famous international rug exhibition in Hannover. Dutch brands offer carpets and rugs of highest quality thanks to collaborations with experienced designers from many countries.

You have a wonderful opportunity to feast your eyes upon some of these beautiful rugs and buy the model you would like most of all.

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