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Choose Your Favourite Horizontal Tapestries at Marqis

People tend to decorate their houses and flats with tapestries even in our times. In fact, a tapestry is quite capable of matching the interior, so a wee bit of imagination often is enough for a decent home décor.

If you want to buy a horizontal wall tapestry, you would need to think whether it fits your wall. Thus, it is important to take measurements first. Also, consider the impact of external factors, such as direct sunbeams, excessive humidity, or air-conditioner functioning ― it would make it easier to determine which material you need.

Places where you could hang a horizontal tapestry

Such tapestries look very good being hung above a sofa or bed. Of course, it depends on the picture. Landscape or animal tapestries work perfectly for living rooms, while kitchen requires a picture of still life or flowers.

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