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Meet the Next Indian Summer with Indian Rugs

A touch of a great history and rich culture would enrich your house, if you choose Indian style rugs as key accessories. Usually woven by hand, such covering contains great care, hard work and astounding artistry.

Fancy patterns and designs easily catch the eye and make you recall the things you associate with India ― it could be dancing girls, majestic temples, multihanded and many-headed gods, etc.

Century-old weaving tradition

Handmade Indian rugs are notable for the high density of knotting, which is a signature mark of skilful weavers. Since the Middle Ages, Indian carpet weaving has been improving and growing. Nowadays you can find Indian rugs in the UK and, probably, every other corner of the world.

There are two main schools of carpet weaving in India, which has the names of two cities:

  • Amritsar
  • Agra

Amritsar furnishing is known as less formal, soft-coloured and slightly whimsical, while Agra rugs tend to have deep colours and fine fibre.

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