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Classy Medieval Tapestries for Sale Are Waiting for You

Tapestries, which imitate the accessories of Middle Ages, seem to be quite popular in modern interior design as a symbol of refined taste and true splendour. These wall hangings fascinate with their rich range of colours, strict and dignified style, and various themes. So, if you want to purchase some great tapestry, medieval style could definitely be your choice.

A medieval tapestry would be a great complement for almost any interior, especially those made in neoclassic or loft style.

The variety of medieval tapestry wall hangings

From the very beginning, medieval manufactories wove only religious tapestries, because they were in demand for the decoration of cathedrals and churches. Soon, it became popular to buy tapestries for castles and palaces. Other themes appeared: romantic scenes, so-called “minneteppich” (from German “Minne” – “love” and “Teppich” – “carpet, rug”), and various allegories.

Another popular medieval tapestry design is called “mille fleurs”. Such tapestries have a unique background, which seems to be woven from hundreds of little flowers. This technique has often been used for verdures and pastoral motifs.

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