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Nylon Rugs Would Be Your Great Choice!

Nylon is a synthetic material that has some good consumer properties:

  • Nylon rugs have decent wear resistance ― this durability prolongs their lifespan quite well
  • It is easy to dye nylon fibre, so customers have a great choice of colours
  • This textile is hypoallergenic
  • Such floor covering has bright and saturated colours, which is impossible concerning virgin wool
  • Thee rugs undergo special anti-dirtying process, so they tend to have less stains
  • Reasonable price

The price depends on the material and manufacturing method (machine-woven or handmade), design level, and brand.

New acquisition for your interior

You need to determine where you would like to use a rug. It could be bedroom, drawing room, or entrance hall. Depending on the room, you can choose the proper density and solidity of textile.

Marqis offers you an assortment of fine nylon rugs. Choose among various colours, patterns, shapes, and styles, searching for the loveliest furnishing. Our online store also provides you with free delivery across UK mainland.

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