Patchwork Rugs

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Patchwork Rugs: Add Zest to Your Room

Similar to vintage carpets, patchwork rugs are made with an intention to impart a look of being used for a while. However, there is an apparent difference. The latter have patchwork motifs as patterns, while vintage rugs often have bleached faded colourings. Bright colour and some vivid style do not stand in the way of a beautiful patchwork rug.

There are a few ways to process the materials:

  1. Textiles are literally sawn together from several patches
  2. Textiles are woven as one part

The overdyed patchwork rugs are usually made of older Turkish carpets. They get the antique look in the processes of colour neutralisation and overdyeing.

Lively ambience of your home

Since there are many different models, people often buy patchwork rugs at the UK shops due to their versatility. For example, such floor covering can serve as a cool rug for your kids. Intricate designs will fascinate even older kids and teenagers. These rugs work perfectly in larger spaces and in rooms with a simple interior.

Good news: it is not necessary to book a ticket to Turkey. Modern technologies allow you to order your favourite patchwork rugs online!

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