Polypropylene Rugs

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You Will Love These Polypropylene Rugs

What are polypropylene rugs most notable for? It is likely the belief that they are inexpensive and easy-to-care. Generally speaking, these statements are both true.

Nevertheless, polypropylene textile has other important advantages, such as:

  • These rugs do not fade or sunburn
  • The covering is wear-resistant
  • They does not accumulate static charge
  • Smooth grain repels the dirt

Yes, you can spill coffee or soil on such rug ― it is easy to clean and looks like brand new.

There is also a disadvantage: polypropylene is inflammable material. Thus, it is important to keep such textile away from fire and be careful.

Cheap and cheerful choice

Sometimes there is greater demand for polypropylene rugs than woollen ones. They are often used for office facilities, lobbies, and rooms with high foot traffic.

Our online store provides you with a nice collection of polypropylene rugs. Explore the variety of models, which have different colours, shapes, patterns, and styles. We hope you will find your favourite accessory!

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