Rectangular Tapestries

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Stay Classy with Rectangular Tapestries

Tapestries take a special place in modern world of interior design due to the opportunities they bring. They have become an indispensable element of decoration that makes it possible to fill a room with cosy ambience and add colour aspect to surroundings. Tapestries are also notable for the ability to match with the most popular contemporary styles.

Modern style

Tapestries found the point of contact with modern style thanks to bright abstract pictures. Minimalism may include a picture that covers the whole wall. Quite often, tapestry hangings are spread over a sofa or armchair.

Scandinavian style

Northern interior abounds in wall hangings with fine needlework, which appears to be the main home decoration, unanimously chosen by designers. A tapestry often becomes a picture with breathtaking landscapes. Ornamental patterns and animals are also popular.


Gorgeous tapestry made of silk, with a hunting scene or some park landscape, is a true classic. These soft pictures take your imagination to luxurious bedchambers of huge castles and palaces. Such rectangular tapestries work perfectly for modern interiors, too.

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