Sari Silk Rugs

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Make Your Interior Radiate with Sari Silk Rugs from India!

There is a simple way to add some original zest to your home décor, and you can do that by purchasing a rug made of so-called Sari Silk. Its pile is dense and flat, so you can put it down in the areas with high foot traffic. As a rule, people place such rugs under the furniture.

Indian interior design style

If you have decided to decorate your home in this style, you need to know its key concepts: exotica, saturated colours, and amazing furnishing. After the decoration, your living space will look like it has absorbed all the sunlight and splendour of India.

This style fascinates with orgy of colour, sensuality, and gorgeousness of décor. That being said, such incredible brightness does not hamper the harmony and relaxed ambience.

One of the characteristic features of Indian style is that it can match perfectly with various European interior design styles, such as classical one. Sari Silk rugs will be the connecting link of your fabulous design!

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