Shaggy Rugs

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In Perfect Bliss with Shaggy Rugs

Do you want to make your home a place, where you can really relax and enjoy the cosy ambience? Shag pile rugs are the new comfort ― try it yourself, there is nothing to it.

Shaggy charm of this kind of rugs gained its cult status in the 70s due to the pile deepness and low yarn density. Nowadays, it is constantly expanding throughout the world.

The glossy fibres of various width and length create a unique structure and bring shiny effects. It would be a great enrichment to your house.

Cosiness and felicity

Nestle your aching feet into the deep, pleasant and soft fibres of a shaggy pile rug. It is so easy to add a touch of comfort to your home.

These rugs are looking great, but they also have a decent functionality. Their surface works perfectly as a playground for children. Moreover, it would prove out its worth during cold winters.

Here are some more benefits of shag rugs:

  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean
  • No pile shedding

Be sure to check out catalogue for the most comfortable shaggy rugs in the UK!

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