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Tencel Rugs: Your Original Solution for the Perfect Home Décor

As you might have known, tencel rugs have gained much popularity in recent years. These rugs make every interior unique, being produced in a variety of colours, patterns, and shapes. They help a lot in creating the atmosphere of splendour and happiness.

Tencel rugs in your home décor

As a rule, people buy tencel rugs to bring some additional lightness and easiness to their living spaces. Such furnishing is known to complement nicely almost every interior design style.

If you have dark floor, it would be better to put down a tencel rug of lighter shades, and vice versa. This combination makes it possible to highlight the beauty of both rug and floor covering. Besides traditional rectangular, you can also find other various shapes, such as square, oval, round, and so on.

Advantageous material

Given that you do not know much about tencel, it would be great to specify some of its characteristic features. This unique material is known to be:

  • Soft and smooth like silk, but without any slipping
  • Cosy and pleasant by touch like cotton, but much more tender
  • Lasting and refreshing like linen, but cannot be rumpled so easy
  • Warm like wool, but is not itchy and does not cause allergic reaction

Another important advantage of this kind of rugs is that the material is biodegradable, thus sustainable.

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