Turkish Rugs

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Turkish Rugs Make Every Room Better

You may not have expected that Turkish carpets are quite famous for one thing: it is not so easy to buy one! You need to ask right questions and have enough knowledge about fibre, number of knots, material features, etc. Otherwise, you can get something that is not really what you want.

However, there is an easier way of purchasing the real Turkish rugs. Just scroll down our online catalogue with models of all colours, patterns, and sizes. You will definitely find the one you like.

Different schools of Turkish carpet weaving

When it comes to rugs, Turkish tradition can boast of having quite a long and rich history. Here are the main hubs of rug manufacturing in Turkey:

  • Kayseri (formerly Caesarea)
  • Konya
  • Niğde
  • Sivas

Every region has its own traditions and designs as to furnishing. For example, Kayseri carpet is usually made of wool, while cotton is used as a foundation. The vast majority of artisans traditionally use only natural dyes, thus making the carpets even more popular among tourists.

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