Unicorn Tapestries

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Design the Fantastic Interior with Unicorn Tapestries

“The Lady and the Unicorn” tapestry is one of the greatest masterpieces of medieval European art of the end of 15 century. This and other unicorn tapestries catch the eyes with incredible beauty of picture and range of colours ― dark-rose shade, peppered with various flowers, animals, and birds.

There is a lot of hangings, inspired by this famous unicorn tapestry series, in different interiors. The original tapestries were woven in medieval technique called “mille fleurs”, which delights with its concept and workmanship.

Sophisticated beauty of the unicorn tapestries

There are three characters on each tapestry: unicorn, housemaid, and lady. Five tapestries represent the five senses:

  1. Hearing ― Lady plays the organ, while Housemaid blows organ’s bellows
  2. Taste ― Lady takes some food from a bowl, which is held by Housemaid
  3. Sense of touch ― Lady touches Unicorn with one hand and holds a flagstaff with a coat of arms
  4. Smell ― Lady twines a wreath, and Housemaid holds a flower basket
  5. Vision ― Lady holds a mirror in her hand, which reflects Unicorn

You can purchase these majestic medieval tapestries at Marqis and put the “my house is my fortress” proverb into practice.

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