Vegetable Silk Rugs

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Vegetable Silk Rugs: Eco-friendly and good-looking

Today the problem of saving the Mother Earth becomes more and more important. It means that many people are searching for things made of materials of non-animal origin that don`t require long and harmful production. Vegetable silk rug is exactly this item of the décor because it is made of bamboo fibre. Interested? Silk rugs for sale are waiting for you in our online catalogue.

What is vegetable silk?

It is almost like a real silk but any silk moth was harmed in the process of production. Vegetable silk is made of bamboo trees` bodies and leaves – they are growing so fast! Bamboo fibre is produced in two stages: mechanical (initial production) and chemical (production of adhesive vegetable fibre).

By the end of production there are no chemical leftovers in this fibre – all chemical parts are removed or dissolved. Plus, bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic. It means that if you or your family members are allergic to any kinds of wool, you still can have a rug at home. This makes vegetable silk rug not only a nice piece of décor, it is an eco-friendly thing that causes any allergy. Choose vegetable silk rug of any colour and size, support the Nature.

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