Vintage & Antique Rugs

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Feel the Spirit of Good Old Times with Vintage Rugs

Hardwood floors often lack for a nice warm pile. Vintage rugs will work just perfectly in this case, filling a room with cosy ambience, sometimes even exotics.

Vintage style rugs come to your aid when you need to:

  • Make an illusion that a room is larger than in fact
  • Tie the elements of interior to each other
  • Fill the space between sofas
  • Add some zest to your apartment

The only task is to choose the covering you really like!

Antique Persian rugs

Many people argue that vintage Persian rugs take royal places among other types of textile. Really, the history of making such carpets numbers more than one thousand years. Ancient traditions and rich culture are reflected in beautiful patterns and unquestionable quality of antique rugs. Using your imagination, you can see all the hidden histories just by looking at the intricate designs of a carpet.

Marqis allows you to choose the best vintage rugs in the UK ― you will most likely fall in love with the furnishing we have. Just place an order and it will be dispatched immediately!

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