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Viscose: a delight for your feet

Being an incredibly popular synthetic fibre, viscose provides the great imitation of silk. Unlike the latter, this option is much more affordable. This soft, silky and shiny material would be a nice enrichment to your home. The elegant sheen of an art silk rug can even lighten you mood during the rainy days.

Gentle and delicate touch

A viscose rug would look just wonderful if you place it in your bedroom or under a coffee table. Its artificial silk pile has an ability to change the colour tones, depending on the perspective. Such effect would fascinate every carpet connoisseur that steps into the room.

These rugs work perfectly for quieter areas of the house with the limited footfall. The limit may be disregarded though ― the velvet-like smooth touch would surely make you want to step on it more and more.

The art silk rugs have increased in popularity in the UK over the past decade. They are extremely soft, they look and feel silky, and their price is more than reasonable, comparing to the natural material. Not only have they remained quite trendy ― these accessories will keep up in the offing.

Discover a wide range of classy viscose rugs and let the cosy ambience right into your house. It would be amazing!

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